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Welcome to the club

Membership is free and open to anyone interested in working with wood.

join-ery us!

We meet the second Thursday of each month at the Edwardsville Community Center, 1003 North Main Street, Edwardsville, IL. We start at 7:00 and go until we’re done. There is parking behind the Community Center and we can also use the church’s lot across the street. We hope you can join us!

March 14th

 7:00 pm

Demonstration: How to get continuous grain on the the sides of your boxes.


April 11th

7:00 pm

Demonstration: TBD

May 9th

7:00 pm

Demonstration: TBD

Spring Saw Day

Featured Special event: Saw Days

Saw Days are hard to beat. It’s an open invitation to anyone in the club who wants to spend some time experiencing the earliest steps of the woodworking process. The sawmill shows up early in the morning and the set up gets started right away. Before long, the mill is humming and after a lot of hard work, tree trunks quickly turn into piles of fresh cut boards. The smell of fresh cut wood fills the air and the hours fly by until Bill rings the lunch bell. It’s not unlikely you’ll be heading home with lumber you cut yourself. Or, maybe you’ll leave it behind to have it kiln dried. No doubt about it, wood you’ve milled yourself always adds a little something extra to those keepsake projects


Imagine a casual room full of people talking about their woodworking projects, asking and answering questions and sharing what they’ve learned over the decades they’ve spent working wood. Throw in some good jokes and a little ribbing and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what we’re all about.

We get the Q&A going right away. Anyone who would like advice on anything from skills to methods to tools and where to find the best deals on equipment jumps right in. With so many people willing to help, you’ll always leave the meeting with lots of options to consider.

A round of show and tell keeps things moving. Members bring in what they’ve been working on and talk about how they made it. We spend as much time as anyone wants on any particular piece. You’ll see bowls, big and small furniture, boxes, decorations, ornaments and gifts.

Next up is old and new club business where we plan for things like the annual woodworking show and our special events.

We wrap up with an interesting demonstration almost every meeting. The members share techniques, skills, tools, tricks-of-the-trade and more. In the not-so-distant past we’ve had demonstrations on segmented bowls, jigs and making dovetails.

Stop by and see what you think!


Here are a few pieces our fellow woodworkers have been creating. So many things to make and so little time!


There are many top-notch woodworkers in our club who are happy to help. Fill out the short form below and we’ll get back in touch with you as quickly as possible.

Of course, the best way to get great advice is to come to our next meeting.

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